The Foundation for Brain Disease Research and Shark Preservation

We are a non-profit foundation. Operating world wide, based in Copenhagen Denmark

Supporting Research in Brain Diseases & Shark Preservation

Working in very close collaboration with the renowned universities: KU: University of Copenhagen. NUS: National University of Singapore. CBS, ITU as well as other partners

We are also involved in resolving the corona-crisis

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Please remember to write, if you want to support, Sharks, brain diseases or both


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Our news section will primarily be updated via our facebook page. We have frequent updates there

June 2018:

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February/March 2018:

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February 2018:

Advice from our Chairman Per T. Thim:
"How to combat your illness"
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January 2018:

A wonderful person sponsored 4 shark babies for us, now we fundraise for the tanks for them

October 2017:

Setting up further colaborations in the US to support the foundations' goal

May 2017:

A.I. and ANN has been added to our research

26th of January 2017:

We are very pleased to announce that our Board will be joined by the renowned Dr. William C. Mobley. Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences at UCSD. Former ass. prof. at John Hopkins and prof. and chairman at Stanford University.

At the same time we are announcing that Rachel McLish, the mother of female bodybuilding and 80s action superstar, will be joining our ambassador team

20th january 2017
Setting up new collaborations, especially in the U. S. San Francisco, San Diego, UCSD, Palo Alto and Stanford; and Germany, Belgium and the U.K. Working together with the Danish ministry of foreign affairs, for support, donations and ambassadors for the foundation and the good causes.

20/12 2016
Our board is not set and officially launched

24/11 2016
Setting up new collaboration

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